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212ths • Blog

The Promised Land

Let 212ths take your business out of the wilderness & into the promised land with industry updates, business strategy, & news about our company along with insight that we’ve learned on our personal journeys.

Our first Bitcoin Client

By Lafe Taylor

Anybody that is familiar with 212ths, especially over the past 6 months, knows that we're very passionate about Bitcoin. We held our first official Bitcoin seminar in the middle of January with the help of Techbase10 and BCTC, we travel back and forth to Cincinnati Bitcoin every other week, and tell everyone we meet about Bitcoin and it's game changing potential. With all of that said, I just want to announce that we've recieved what is hopefully one of many, our first bitcoin transaction from SynergyCoach, Larry Jackson.

Larry Jackson, is our first official bitcoin client. Not only is Larry Jackson our first official bitcoin client, he is now also accepts bitcoin for training.

Kudos to Coach Jackson at SynergyCoach.

Phenomenon or Craze?

By Lafe Taylor

Bitcoin 101

Is the phenomenon of BITCoin strictly craze or the beginning of a revolution? What does the success of Bitcoin imply for the theory, practice, and future of money and payment systems? How can we account for the sheer implausibility of Bitcoin’s rise? What does its emergence imply for the prospects of nationalized systems of money and the future of commerce?

Whether you are new to the BITCoin world or a savvy code monkey who has been mining for years, Techbase10 & 212ths cordially invites you to discuss, learn, and share in a discussion on the topic of BITCoin.

BitCoin 101 is sponsored by TechBase 10 and the Kentucky Innovation Network offices at the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, and Morehead State University.

To attend the event register here.

How do you want to go?

By Lafe Taylor

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.

-African Proverb

If you could buy a share of the overall internet protocol in 1994, what would it be worth today? This is where #bitcoin is now.

Get a wallet right here.

212ths is now accepting Bitcoin payments for services. We are huge Bitcoin enthusiasts and will take Bitcoin as payment for services rendered.

We love Bitcoin so much that we'll even give a 10% Discount on all services that are paid for in Bitcoin.

River crossing

By Lafe Taylor

In order to grow as an individual or company, there must be a progressive leap in thought and action. In life and in business there comes a crossroad or, for the sake of staying on theme, a river that we must cross. Just as the children of Israel had to exit the wilderness and cross the river Jordan (Joshua 3) to enter into the promised land, we too must be willing to exit what we've become accustomed to so that we may proceed to a more prosperous and lucrative future.  #212thswisdom

Is your business finally ready to begin the launch of a new web presence? Are you sure?

At 212ths we've worked with clients both large and small on building their web presence. Companies will come to us ready to finally step out into the world wide web to let the everyone across the globe know that they exist. With excitement and a gleam of hope in their eye they begin the process of getting a development company or developer.

Clients or individuals that typically come to us have done their research on development companies and have well studied questions and concerns. They typically want to know about SEO, our development time, and of course the cost, however they fail to realize their own personal roles in the development of their website. Companies that are new to marketing (an important caveat) rarely factor in their role in the acquisition of content about their company, whether it be photos of the staff, write ups, descriptions, biographies, or the marketing copy which is essentially the most important piece of their web presence. Sometimes they may even want a blog and have not considered how it will be maintained or updated.

Not having the foresight to think about their role in building their web presence companies can drive up costs and production time. At 212ths we have no problem with providing the services needed to take care of the missing content, however the price difference can be significant. We always tell potential clients in our initial meetings, "The more prepared you are the less expensive it will be." 

If saving costs and time on development is important to your business, then foresight is a necessity.

If you're thinking about getting a web presence and want some professional advice on what's needed contact us and we'll help you get started.

In the bible it states that 1 can put a thousand to flight and 2 can put 10 thousand to flight. Meaning that even if you're great alone, you can be more powerful with the assistance of others.

Dave Ramsey states, A Belgian Plow Horse can pull 8,000 lbs. 2 Belgian Plow Horses can pull 24,000 lbs, however If you train them together as a matched pair, they can pull 32,000 lbs. That is four times as much as one alone.

As an entreprenuer, or a self-motivated individual, it is easy to get caught up in seizing you're own destiny and seemingly tackling every obstacle by yourself. Sometimes the obstacles / goals we seek to overcome or accomplish are bigger than we alone are capable of handling. Sometimes it's not a matter of if you can do something, but rather the time it takes to do it. Developing strategic partnerships can be vital for the longevity and success of any endeavor.

With that being said, even the powerful Superman is great alone, but he becomes exponentially more powerful when he partners with the equally powerful Superfriends. The sooner we as individuals realize that it often takes teamwork to make the dreamwork the sooner we can leap forward into our destinies.

If you were like me and the millions of other fight fans worldwide then you were anticipating the fight that just occurred this past weekend between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez. The pre-fight hooplah made this one of the highest grossing fights of all time. The marketing machine was definitely in full effect for this fight, but there was one thing that truly stood out to me amongst all of the noise. It was the tireless work ethic and mantra of The Money Team.

There were two chants that I heard repeatedly. One of them being, "Hard work!, Dedication!" and the other, my favorite, "Hard work is easy." These mantras were chanted and shouted as Floyd "Money" Mayweather would put in countless hours in the gym.

Mayweather being a tireless gym rat shows that discipline is the key to success. Training your mind to adhere to a code of behavior takes "Hard work!, Dedication!" making yourself believe that "Hard work is easy" is not an overnight thing. Being able to go that extra mile and break past mental and physical barriers is no small task.

Whether you're building a business, a successful career, or just want to become the best 'you' possible, it's going to require a "Money" Mayweather work ethic.

Eating an elephant

By Lafe Taylor

Have you ever been overwhelmed by problems? or lost in a conundrum of difficult decisions or tasks? Often times our lives, our schedules, our finances and sometimes our businesses become so overwhelming that we don't know what to do. Life in general is constantly vying for attention and every problem that arises appears to be the most important. The sheer volume of problems and difficulties we face can be like eating an elephant on a full stomach.

When you find yourself being overtaken by problems take a step back and rationally assess your situation.  It's easier said than done at times, but don't let the emotional stress of your current difficulties get the better of you. Instead of trying to tackle all of your problems at once, breakdown your problems into smaller more manageable tasks.

Take control of your problems one task after another. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Focus on the bite in front of you and slowly watch the elephant disappear.

Fear Delay

By Lamar Wilson

Today, my middle son, Lequan, had no football practice.  This usually means I expect him to be home at least 2 hours earlier than usual.  His sister, though a daddy's girl, was anticipating his early arrival.  She continuously asked me, "Daddy, where's Quan?".  His mother, continued to call from work, wondering where her  little boy was.  I on the other hand hardly get too worried when dealing with my boys.  I know they are pretty smart guys and usually are mature beyond their years.  But after waiting and communicating with my wife, hearing nothing at all. I began to get a little concerned.  Suddenly, the door opens and I yell, thinking it's my wife, "You hear anything from Quan?", of which I hear a small squeky voice respond, "Sir". It's Lequan. The following dialogue proceeded.

Me: "Boy, where ya been"
Lequan: "Outside"
Me: "Outside?"
Lequan: "Yes sir, up the street"
Me: "So you've been outside for 2 and a half hours?" reference facial expression for this statement
Lequan: "What time is it?" (Looking for the clock) 

Note: He didn't even know how long he'd been out there. 

Me: "It's 6:30, boy, what were you doing outside?" 
Lequan: "Just sitting up the street, because that dog was out".  

Note:  He's speaking of this little free roaming pug from across the street.  Every neighborhood has a neighborhood dog.  The dog that really belongs to someone but no one locks him up like they should, so he terrorizes everyone.  He doesn't bite, he just chases everyone.  Lequan has a fear of small dogs, not big dogs, only ankle biters. 

Me: "For two and a half hours?  Boy, your mama is over at your school looking for you right now, and you are over here scared of that little dog."
Lequan: "Yessir"
Me: "Come on boy, we going outside"

I walk him outside. We walk right up to the dog's driveway and stand there.  I tell him to look at the difference in their sizes.  And show him how the dog is more afraid of us than he is of it.  He slowly started realizing, that his fear wasn't worth a 2 and a half hour delay.  He said I am not scared anymore.  Even though as we walked into the house he kept looking over his shoulder like Jaime Lee Curtis in a Halloween movie.  

This whole incident made me think.  I thought about how fear can delay us from reaching our destination.  Sometimes everything is right on schedule.  We are doing what we are supposed to do.  We are excited about achieving our goal. And then suddenly our worst fear, rears it's ugly head.  We pause and in some instances run away from our purpose. Our goal. Our destination.  We allow that fear to impede the progress that we've already made.  Many times that fear shows up within the last few steps from making it home. Some of us have been succombing to the fear so long, we don't even realize how long we've been stopped.  Years begin to pass and our destination becomes an after thought. 

We have to remember that many times the fear we have is stronger than the actual monster itself.  And that fear will hold us back from what we can be and where we can go.  We can overcome fear if we look it in the eye and remember what greatness we have within ourselves. The type of greatness that will allow us to deal with and overcome those little terrorizing monsters in our lives.


  1. Presentation

    Everyone knows Apple is all about aesthetics. They have made billions of dollars from focusing on design aesthetics and their stores represent that very point. The shelving, the clean store design, the open space, the employee dress and the large visual displays that would make anyone think they could be a world class designer, are all visually enticing. Everything in the store is focused on selling you on why you need to have a new Apple product or become a part of the Apple culture.

  2. Employees immediately greet you as you walk-in the store

    This may not seem like such a big deal, but the immediate engagement to assess your needs is a welcome reminder of good customer service

  3. Everyone knows their role and the role of their co-workers

    Knowing your role and the roles around you are important because it helps streamline customer service. Knowing where to properly troubleshoot and/or direct your customers is both helpful and efficient.

  4. Customer engagement

    As I am typing this, I'm noticing how all the customers are completely engaged with sales staff. There is always something for you to do while you visit. If all the staff are completely occupied then you can sit down in front of a shiny new computer or device.

  5. Scheduling

    They have a schedule and they stick to it. If you come to the store with a problem, they'll add you to their schedule immediately. If their is no time available, then you just have to come back. This at first may seem sucky if you're in a rush, but it actually allows the Apple store geniuses to give you the individualized time you need to troubleshoot your problem(s) adequately.

    This built-in protocol for time and priority management is something business owners should definitely strive to master. As a small business owner, striving to master the schedule is a daily activity.

  6. They are accommodating to my needs

    I arrived at the Apple store with Lamar around 9:40am for a battery replacement. They were booked at the time of our arrival so we had to schedule an appointment to be seen. Our appointment was at 12pm so instead of leaving and coming back (this Apple store is located in a shopping mall), as true mobile developers we decided to work in the mall while we wait. I unfortunately didn't have a power-cord to my macbook, so we went back to the Apple store for a charge. When I told them my need they happily supplied me with a power cord to charge my computer. As a matter of fact, I've now been inside the Apple store working for the past 2.5 hours.

I'm not sure I would have analyzed the operations of the Apple store as much had I not sat in there for 2 and half hours, but I'm glad I did. When it comes to running a business and being an entreprenuer it's often the small things that are overlooked. Taking time out and observing how the big boys run their operations can give you an insightful look at strategies you can implement to improve your own business.

The Journey

By 212ths' Staff

On a daily basis, entreprenuers and businesses must be ready to take the journey to success, or that of contiued success. These daily journeys are invaluable and worth taking note of.

Our journeys can give us insight into our business operations and our individual resolve.  - Seth Godin