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212ths • case control

Case Control

212ths was commissioned by a law firm to create an application that would be simple, elegant and accessible for travel.

Problem: When the law firm came to us they had already purchased an expensive piece of software that was too complicated to use. They had spent thousands of dollars on virtually unusable technology.

Solution: 212ths created Case Control, a cloud based application accessible by computers and mobile devices.

We designed Case Control to be simple and fast so that you can access the information you need in seconds, whether in the office or sitting before the bench. We know you and your staff are paid for legal knowledge and not computer science, so we made Case Control, simple, elegant and easy-to-learn. Most of our clients intuitively know how to use it from the first time they log in. A big benefit is that people use it vs. complicated software they find ways not to use.

With Case Control, you have a legal project manager on staff who tracks the progress of each case. You know who did what, when they did it and the results of their work. You know the progress of documents, filings and most any other case-related information.

Once Case Control is implemented in your office, it swiftly becomes part of a firm's daily workflow. Case Control is so popular with our clients that we often get emails from the staff about how much they love it, even after using it for years.


Case Control App
Case Control user screen
User Screen
Case Control case screen
Case Screen