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212ths • Foresight can save you money | Blog

Foresight can save you money

By Lafe Taylor

Is your business finally ready to begin the launch of a new web presence? Are you sure?

At 212ths we've worked with clients both large and small on building their web presence. Companies will come to us ready to finally step out into the world wide web to let the everyone across the globe know that they exist. With excitement and a gleam of hope in their eye they begin the process of getting a development company or developer.

Clients or individuals that typically come to us have done their research on development companies and have well studied questions and concerns. They typically want to know about SEO, our development time, and of course the cost, however they fail to realize their own personal roles in the development of their website. Companies that are new to marketing (an important caveat) rarely factor in their role in the acquisition of content about their company, whether it be photos of the staff, write ups, descriptions, biographies, or the marketing copy which is essentially the most important piece of their web presence. Sometimes they may even want a blog and have not considered how it will be maintained or updated.

Not having the foresight to think about their role in building their web presence companies can drive up costs and production time. At 212ths we have no problem with providing the services needed to take care of the missing content, however the price difference can be significant. We always tell potential clients in our initial meetings, "The more prepared you are the less expensive it will be." 

If saving costs and time on development is important to your business, then foresight is a necessity.

If you're thinking about getting a web presence and want some professional advice on what's needed contact us and we'll help you get started.

Posted: October 7, 2013
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Lafe Taylor co-founder of 212ths

Lafe Taylor

Lafe Taylor co-founded 212ths LLC back in 2010. In addition to the passion he has for his family & business, Lafe is an avid mma fan. You can follow Lafe on Twitter.