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212ths • Teamwork makes the dream work | Blog

Teamwork makes the dream work

By Lafe Taylor

In the bible it states that 1 can put a thousand to flight and 2 can put 10 thousand to flight. Meaning that even if you're great alone, you can be more powerful with the assistance of others.

Dave Ramsey states, A Belgian Plow Horse can pull 8,000 lbs. 2 Belgian Plow Horses can pull 24,000 lbs, however If you train them together as a matched pair, they can pull 32,000 lbs. That is four times as much as one alone.

As an entreprenuer, or a self-motivated individual, it is easy to get caught up in seizing you're own destiny and seemingly tackling every obstacle by yourself. Sometimes the obstacles / goals we seek to overcome or accomplish are bigger than we alone are capable of handling. Sometimes it's not a matter of if you can do something, but rather the time it takes to do it. Developing strategic partnerships can be vital for the longevity and success of any endeavor.

With that being said, even the powerful Superman is great alone, but he becomes exponentially more powerful when he partners with the equally powerful Superfriends. The sooner we as individuals realize that it often takes teamwork to make the dreamwork the sooner we can leap forward into our destinies.

Posted: September 27, 2013
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Lafe Taylor co-founder of 212ths

Lafe Taylor

Lafe Taylor co-founded 212ths LLC back in 2010. In addition to the passion he has for his family & business, Lafe is an avid mma fan. You can follow Lafe on Twitter.