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212ths • Fear Delay | Blog

Fear Delay

By Lamar Wilson

Today, my middle son, Lequan, had no football practice.  This usually means I expect him to be home at least 2 hours earlier than usual.  His sister, though a daddy's girl, was anticipating his early arrival.  She continuously asked me, "Daddy, where's Quan?".  His mother, continued to call from work, wondering where her  little boy was.  I on the other hand hardly get too worried when dealing with my boys.  I know they are pretty smart guys and usually are mature beyond their years.  But after waiting and communicating with my wife, hearing nothing at all. I began to get a little concerned.  Suddenly, the door opens and I yell, thinking it's my wife, "You hear anything from Quan?", of which I hear a small squeky voice respond, "Sir". It's Lequan. The following dialogue proceeded.

Me: "Boy, where ya been"
Lequan: "Outside"
Me: "Outside?"
Lequan: "Yes sir, up the street"
Me: "So you've been outside for 2 and a half hours?" reference facial expression for this statement
Lequan: "What time is it?" (Looking for the clock) 

Note: He didn't even know how long he'd been out there. 

Me: "It's 6:30, boy, what were you doing outside?" 
Lequan: "Just sitting up the street, because that dog was out".  

Note:  He's speaking of this little free roaming pug from across the street.  Every neighborhood has a neighborhood dog.  The dog that really belongs to someone but no one locks him up like they should, so he terrorizes everyone.  He doesn't bite, he just chases everyone.  Lequan has a fear of small dogs, not big dogs, only ankle biters. 

Me: "For two and a half hours?  Boy, your mama is over at your school looking for you right now, and you are over here scared of that little dog."
Lequan: "Yessir"
Me: "Come on boy, we going outside"

I walk him outside. We walk right up to the dog's driveway and stand there.  I tell him to look at the difference in their sizes.  And show him how the dog is more afraid of us than he is of it.  He slowly started realizing, that his fear wasn't worth a 2 and a half hour delay.  He said I am not scared anymore.  Even though as we walked into the house he kept looking over his shoulder like Jaime Lee Curtis in a Halloween movie.  

This whole incident made me think.  I thought about how fear can delay us from reaching our destination.  Sometimes everything is right on schedule.  We are doing what we are supposed to do.  We are excited about achieving our goal. And then suddenly our worst fear, rears it's ugly head.  We pause and in some instances run away from our purpose. Our goal. Our destination.  We allow that fear to impede the progress that we've already made.  Many times that fear shows up within the last few steps from making it home. Some of us have been succombing to the fear so long, we don't even realize how long we've been stopped.  Years begin to pass and our destination becomes an after thought. 

We have to remember that many times the fear we have is stronger than the actual monster itself.  And that fear will hold us back from what we can be and where we can go.  We can overcome fear if we look it in the eye and remember what greatness we have within ourselves. The type of greatness that will allow us to deal with and overcome those little terrorizing monsters in our lives.


Posted: September 10, 2013
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Lamar Wilson co-founder of 212ths

Lamar Wilson

Lamar is an entrepreneur from birth, humorist by nature and optimist in spirit. He co-owns a web media company, 212ths in the growing start up community of Lexington, KY. You can follow Lamar on Twitter.